Sacred Peaks Health Center – West

Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation (TCRHCC) is expanding their campus and new services in Flagstaff, AZ! The Sacred Peaks Health Center - West is now open!

To schedule and appointment: 928-635-7575

sacred peaks west

Sacred Peaks Health Center – West is dedicated to serving Native American children, adolescents, and adults living in Flagstaff, AZ.


The SPHC-WEST location is offering:

  • Eye Care Services

    SPHCW Eye Clinic does have the ability to schedule appointments ahead of time! Typically there is availability within a week or two.  The SPHCW phone is 928-635-7575. The appointments begin at 7:45 am and are closed for lunch from noon-1pm.  If you cannot call SPHCW, but wish to be seen at SPHCW, the TCRHCC Eye Clinic front desk can schedule the SPHCW appointment for you.  SPHCW does not observe Daylight Savings, so for the months of early March – early November SPHCW is one hour behind TCRHCC.  This is important to consider for your appointments.  For urgent problems, SPHCW has 2 slots each day for urgent problems.

    Patients need to arrive at the clinic 30 minutes early to allow for the patient registration process.  If a patient is late by 15 minutes or more, it is considered a no show/broken appointment.  In fairness to all the other scheduled patients, we may need to reschedule depending on the availability.  If a patient has 2 or more no show/broken appointments, they may not schedule another appointment for 30 days in order to allow access to care for all the other patients for non-surgical appointments;  for those surgical patients they will be referred back to whom originally referred.  If a patient cannot make an appointment and informs the Eye Department 24 hours ahead of time, this is not considered a broken appointment & can be rescheduled if the patient chooses.

  • Mental Health Services

  • Pain Management Counseling

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