Infection Control

Your Safety Is Important


Tuba City Regional Health Care follows what are known as “standard precautions.” These are work practices that help prevent the spread of infectious diseases in health care facilities. Part of these practices include wearing gloves, gowns and/or goggles during certain procedures. Standard precautions are used during the care of all patients — whether or not they are known to have an infection. If you are concerned about how some diseases (like hepatitis or AIDS) spread, just ask your nurse who will answer your questions.

Frequent hand washing is an important part of preventing the spread of disease. We encourage thorough hand washing among all our employees, and ask the same of any visitors. It is equally important for visitors to know that, if they are not feeling well or have any symptoms of illness, they should limit their time in the hospital; or better yet, wait until they're feeling better before paying you a visit.

In an effort to keep you well, we encourage your visitors and all health care workers to clean their hands before having any contact with you. We welcome you to remind those who are caring for you to wash their hands upon entering your room.