Welcome to LeChee Health Facility

The LeChee Health Facility, a part of Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation (TCRHCC), located just three miles south of Page, Arizona, next to the LeChee Chapter House, is expanding their Pharmacy Services for Native American beneficiaries living in LeChee, Coppermine, or anywhere including Page.

Coronavirus Information

TCRHCC Covid-19 Vaccine Schedule

Must have a Tuba City Regional Health Care (TCRHCC), Sacred Peaks Health Center, LeChee Health Facility medical record. IHS beneficiaries needing to create a medical record with TCRHCC need to bring their Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) and insurance information. We will also vaccinate non-beneficiaries that live or work on the Navajo Nation portion of the TCRHCC Service Area..

Covid-19 Information. Click here.


Flu Shots

Flu Shots

At LeChee and at a community near you. Everyone six months of age and older needs a flu shot.

Non-Urgent Primary Healthcare

LeChee Health Facility will be a community-based clinic aimed at providing Native American beneficiaries living in LeChee, AZ and surrounding communities with non-urgent primary healthcare. Services are provided by Credentialed Physicians and support staff.

We provide service Monday – Thursday with a Physician Assistant who currently provides service.

Contact the LeChee Health Facility for an appointments.


Dr. Steve Holve, Pediatrics - Monday
Dr. Diana Hu, Pediatrics - Monday
Florinda Tracey, PA-C (Monday-Thursday)


TCRHCC Annual Report
The Tuba City Regional Health Care 2020 Annual Report is complete.

Tribal Exemption Forms



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Pharmacy Services Mission Statement

In carrying out the mission of the Indian Health Service Pharmacy Program, TCRHCC Pharmacy serves as an integral part of a comprehensive, community based health care delivery system. Pharmacy services are patient-centered and are directed toward optimal patient care outcomes, health promotion, and disease prevention.

TCRHCC pharmacy services will