Office of Native and Spiritual Medicine



It is the mission of the Office of Native and Spiritual Medicine to promote partnership between traditional Native and Western medicine.


The Office of Native and Spiritual Medicine is designed to introduce the vision of acknowledging and respecting traditional Native Medicine as a discipline for the promotion of wellness and health. It is designed to commit TCRHCC to protecting and nurturing the patients healing processes through empowering the partnership of Western and Native Medicine.

Our Services

  • Traditional Diné and Native American Healing Intervention
  • Traditional Counseling and Consultation
  • Diagnostics Pray Service
  • Diné Cultural Education


All Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation Patients and Employees.

Inpatient: ICU, ER, PEDS, ACU.

Outpatient: All Outpatient Clinics.
Must have a medical provider or primary care referral.

Service Request Form

Use this form to request services from traditional services or cultural presentations. Below is a list of presenations to choose from. Please indicate which presentation you would like when filling out the form.

Remember, you must be elgibile to use this service. Thank you.

Title of presentations:

  • Importance of prayers
  • Child development belief and stories
  • Cultural diversity and conflict management
  • Dine’ and Hopi cultural
  • Office of Native and Spiritual Medicine
  • Understanding yourself as a person
  • The corn pollen road of life
  • Taking care of your environment
  • Conflicting values of our worlds today
  • Traditional Native Foods
  • The role of Young Woman
  • The role of Young Man
  • Child development
  • The Teaching of the Holy People
  • The Story of Spider Woman
  • Being a Leader
  • Finding yourself 1 and 2
  • The Horse song
  • It all up to you
  • Dine’ Clans
  • Dine’ Ceremonies
  • The story of Changing Woman
  • Winter stories 1 and 2
  • Understanding yourself as a person