NEWS RELEASE-Immediate Release

January 06, 2023

Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation CEO Lynette Bonar to retire and hand over hospital leadership

TUBA CITY, Ariz –After eight years of leading the largest health care facility serving the Navajo, Hopi, and San Juan Southern Paiute tribes in northern Arizona, Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation (TCRHCC) CEO Lynette Bonar is passing the staff to her mentee Joette Walters.

“I am grateful for the time I have spent in staff and leadership positions since 2003. TCRHCC exemplifies Ke’,” said Bonar, RN, MBA, BSN. “I am not just leaving a job, but a family that is guided by a servant Mission. Ms. Joette Walters will be stepping into the CEO position on January 15, 2023. She has the experience and intelligence to continue to address the needs of the community, while being the leader of our health care system. I am confident TCRHCC will continue with success and advancement in providing quality health care to Western Navajo.”

Ms. Bonar was appointed the CEO in 2015, after serving as an Associate Executive Officer under Joseph Engelken from 2010-2014. She has 35 years of clinical experience, with 19 years at TCRHCC. The past eight years she has served as the CEO. In those 19 years at TCRHCC, she has served as a Case Management Supervisor, Interim Contract Health Supervisor, Assistant Director of Nursing from 2003 to 2009, Chief of Support Services, Chief Operating Officer, and then as Associate Executive Officer.

She was honorable discharge as a Sergeant from the U.S. Army and served in the US Army Reserves for a total of 6 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Master of Business Administration. She is also a registered nurse.

With 42 years of health care experience, Bonar was able to improve the quality of health care and innovative growth with help from an exceptional team of medical professionals and support staff.

Some of her accomplishments include completion of Sacred Peaks Health Care (Flagstaff), LeChee Health Center (near Page, AZ), mobile medical and dental van programs, pediatric inpatient unit in 2022, construction of a temporary Bodaway/Gap Clinic while work commences on a full health center, 36 employee apartments, an emergency room expansion to be completed in February 2023, and many other projects. Bonar has served as a member of the American Indians for Self- Determination in Healthcare (AISDH) comprised of PL 93-638 Tribal health organizations of Navajo and San Carlos Apache tribes. Walters, currently the Associate Executive Officer, will assume the CEO position on Jan. 15. The AEO is an executive role in the organization’s succession planning program, in which Walters was mentored with Bonar for a successful transition to the CEO position in January 2023.

“Ms. Lynette Bonar has been one of the most recognizable leaders in health care today,” said TCRHCC Board President Christopher Curley. “Her work at Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation has been exemplary. She has developed leaders through the mentorship programs to promote our Native employees to become qualified into senior leadership positions at TCRHCC.”

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, we thank Ms. Bonar and her family for their contributions to TCRHCC and surrounding communities,” he said.

TCRHCC has over 1,000 employees and medical staff. It has also expanded from one central location in Tuba City to an additional four sites out to the farthest corners of the service area and is one of the Navajo Nation’s best health care systems.


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