NEWS RELEASE-Immediate Release

May 22, 2023

Message from TCRHCC CEO: Graduates, We Need You In Health Care

Graduation from high school or college is one of the greatest achievements in a person’s life. For some, graduation brings closure to years of studying into the night and personal sacrifice. But for others, it is just the beginning.

When I was growing up, my grandparent’s health worsened as they grew older. We had nurses come to the house to check on my grandfather, and we participated in caring for him at home and my grandmother went through her cancer treatments. I interacted a lot with the healthcare team which got me interested in the healthcare field. Today, I look back and see these as significant in my decision to entering the healthcare field.

But when I started college, I thought I would get a degree in engineering. My interests changed and I moved into healthcare and chose nursing. I was fortunate to have mentors, family, and friends who encouraged and guided me. Today I look back and I am glad I chose nursing because I enjoyed helping people and it opened many doors. Nursing is a field where you can use your degree in a wide variety of settings.

If you choose the health care field, we need you, There is a bid demand for not only medical doctors, but we also need physician’s assistants, nurses, medical technicians, nurse assistants, dentists, x-ray technicians, people who track down viruses, and the list goes on. Just look at the career page of any health care facility and you will see vacant positions. We need people who have received the proper training, education, and experience.

While we have plenty of vacant jobs, our health care needs are dire. Pre-pandemic, the leading cause of deaths among Native Americans were from diseases of the heart, cancer, unintentional injuries, and diabetes. During those tough times, patients come to us for help during the most vulnerable time in their life, and our health care team are privileged to be part of the process that seeks to help them.

I encourage all of you to be courageous and follow your passion. Reach out to professionals in your area of interest, ask them how they got to where they are. Ask if they would serve as a mentor. Surround yourself with people that will encourage, challenge, and mentor you. Many of the leaders I work with at TCRHCC are willing to serve as mentors, teachers, and we would be open to developing mentoring opportunities for those interested in healthcare or any of the support services. Learning doesn’t stop with school -- become a life-long learner.

Once again, congratulations to all the graduates (Preschool, Kindergarten, Middle School , High School, and College). On behalf of TCRHCC, we wish you all the best.

Joette Walters is the Chief Executive Officer for Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation, a Joint Commission accredited 73-bed health center that provides services to a 6,000 square mile area and serves as a referral center for the western region of the Navajo. Hopi, and San Juan-Paiute Reservations. TRCHCC is a P.L. 93-638 health care facility and operates the Sacred Peaks Clinic in Flagstaff, Ariz. and LeChee Healthy Facility near Page, Ariz.

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