If you are at the medical center and need assistance, have any employee call the hospital operator to have a Security Officer dispatched to your location on campus.

We offer a number of services to assist our patients, visitors and employees.

Escorts: Contact the Security department for an escort to your vehicle at any time of the day or night.

Shuttle Service: To ensure you are safe, our Shuttle Service is available on TCRHCC campus to: Help patients & visitors who are unable to walk more than 50 feet. Meet patients & visitors not familiar with our campus in the parking lot, and drop them off at the nearest hospital entrance. Provide pick-up and drop-off for patients and visitors that need assistance. Call (928) 283-2842 for complimentary Shuttle Service.

Reporting Suspicious Persons, Vehicles or Items: If while on our campus you encounter any kind of suspicious activity, please don't hesitate to approach one of our employees so that they can deliver the information to one of our security team members.

Wearing ID: Our employees are required to wear picture ID with our logo at all times while they are working. Staff taking care of you should always have their ID on so you know the person who is taking care of you. Exceptions are staff working in Surgery who have their ID, but may not have it displayed.

Parking: We offer free parking in all visitor parking areas located on campus.

Suggestions: We hope to create a positive experience and help increase the overall safety and satisfaction here at TCRHCC. Tell us what you think! We are always looking for ways to improve our service to our patients, families and co-workers. If you have any concerns, suggestions or recommendations, please let us know.