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Welcome to the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation

Tuba City Regional Health Care is dedicated to providing the community and patients with the highest level of health care in Northern Arizona. We are proud to be part of this community and organization. Together we care for each other.

Improving Quality and Access at TCRHCC

Joe Engelken

Bridging Geography and Economics to Help Kids; Visit with the dedicated leaders of the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation, located within the Navajo Nation, as they pioneer the use of telemedicine to overcome geographic and economic barriers to specialty care.. LEARN MORE

Career Opportunity

Tuba City Regional Heath Care Corporation is looking for exceptional people who share our mission and vision.



Got Insurance

Great new opportunity for uninsured adults and families in Tuba City. Itís called the Health Insurance Marketplace.

got insurance



TCRHCC Project Team will be performing construction work at the South Main ER Entrance of the Medical Center.



Nursing in Navajo Nation

Charlene Blindman, public health manager at TCRHCC, has been working to deliver care in Navajo Nation for seven years.

school flu shots


Visit Our Other Two Locations

Sacred Peaks Health Center     •     LeChee Health Facility