The TCRHCC Dental Program is comprised of two clinics. The main clinic is located within the TCRHCC Hospital. It has 20 dental operatories (chairs). The satellite Dental Clinic is located in Cameron, AZ. It has 5 dental operatories. The Dental Staff rotate between both clinics. Dental Specialists, such as the Oral Surgeon and the Pediatric Dentist, also provide services at the Cameron Clinic at least one day each month. The TCRHCC Dental Program has a long history of community involvement with Health Promotion/Disease Prevention activities including: Dental Float in the TC Fair Parade, educational booths at Kids’ Day at the Fair, TCHS Career Day, Diabetes Expo’s, classroom presentations, etc.

The Tuba City Dental Clinic is the regional referral center for oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, and endodontics in the Western Navajo Region.

Dental Exams

For the Tuba City Clinic:

TUBA CITY DENTAL Clinic will be changing its process for making DENTAL EXAM appointments.

  • DENTAL EXAM appointments for Adults, Diabetic Patients and Pediatric patients ages (0-17y/o) will be available at the beginning of each month on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Dental Exam appointments can be scheduled by phone or in person at the Tuba City Dental Front Desk.  There will be limited number of these slots, best to make your appointment before the months end.
  • The TCRHCC Dental Clinic phone is 928-283-2672/2673.  TCRHCC does observe Daylight Savings Time, which is important to consider for your appointments.
    • Patients DO NOT have to come to the Tuba City Dental Clinic on the 1st Wednesday of the month any longer.
    • If you prefer to get care at the Cameron Dental Clinic, please call (928)213-8161 for a Dental Exam appointment.
    • Dental Exams are available to patients physically residing within the TCRHCC service unit community only.

Thank you for your understanding as we try to make improvements to help those served by TCRHCC!  

For the Cameron Clinic:

Cameron Dental is located in Cameron, Arizona. The location is 25 miles South of Tuba City Highway 89, Cameron, AZ 86020

Exam appointments can be made over the phone by calling (928)213-8161.


Appointment Policy

  • Patients need to arrive at the clinic 30 minutes early to allow for Patient Registration Process.
  • If a patient is over 10 minutes late, this is considered a broken appointment. If a patient has 2 or more broken appointments, he/she will not be given a dental appointment for 6 months. (Exceptions are made for illness, bad weather, and exceptional circumstances.) During this time though, the patient may still be seen on a walk-in basis for dental emergencies.
  • If a patient cannot make an appointment and lets the Dental Clinic know 24 hours ahead of time, this will not be considered a broken appointment and the appointment will be rescheduled if the patient so chooses.