Pharmacy at LeChee

New Prescriptions

It’s easy to get started. Simply have your doctor write a prescription for your medications and you drop if off at the LeChee Pharmacy, and our pharmacists will take care of the rest.

Mail Order Pharmacy

Safe, convenient and the most cost-effective option if you have a mailing address and live in Kaibeto, Navajo Mtn., Bodaway/Gap or anywhere including Page. Just enroll yourself and your prescriptions (remember no control substances and NO refrigerated drugs) in our Auto Refill program when you pick up your new prescription in Tuba City, Sacred Peaks and now LeChee; then your refills will be mailed to your automatically each month.

Refill Pharmacy

For fast and convenient service please call 24 hours prior to requesting to pick up refills. Just call the Refill Pharmacy phone number printed on your prescription bottle, then give your appropriate information to the LeChee Health Facility Staff Member. Be sure to have the bottle in front of you so that you have all the information you’ll need handy.


Note: Refrigerated medications cannot be mailed, but can be picked up at any of the three TCRHCC Pharmacies (LeChee Health Facility, TCRHCC Outpatient Pharmacy and Sacred Peaks Health Center).



Formulary Medication List for Providers

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