NEWS RELEASE-Immediate Release

January 21, 2021


Vaccine Registry promoted by the Navajo Department of Health confusing patients, TCRHCC is not part of this vaccination registry

TUBA CITY, Ariz - Official communications of upcoming and scheduled COVID-19 vaccines and priority to patients within the service unit of Tuba City Regional Health Care Corp. (TCRHCC) will come directly from the corporation and no other entity.

TCRHCC wants the communities we serve to understand the website provided by the Navajo Nation Department Health is not in coordination with TCRHCC or its satellite Sacred Peaks Health Center (SPHC).

The corporation was made aware of a vaccine registry on January 20, 2021, administered by the Navajo Health Command Operations Center under the Navajo Department of Health.

This online portal advertised on social media Jan. 19 encouraged people to register online for the COVID-19 vaccinations through the tribal website. The online portal further provides a listing of all or most Indian Health Service and 93-638 healthcare facilities located on the Navajo Nation with the appearance that registrants will be scheduled for vaccinations at those facilities.

TCRHCC COVID-19 Vaccine coordinators realized this Registry caused confusion for the public on Jan 20, on which TCRHCC staged a COVID-19 vaccine event for first responders, spiritual leaders and essential frontline workers only. Because of this misinformation on the referenced Registry the vaccine team was inundated with individuals that said they registered for the vaccination on the Navajo Department of Health’s website.

Registering to the Navajo Nation COVID-19 Vaccine Registry does not create a registration or Electronic Health Record (EHR) at TCRHCC, and it does not guarantee a COVID-19 vaccine at TCRHCC.

Please refer to official TCRHCC website at and TCRHCC social media sites regarding the Tuba City area Service Unit.



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